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Making your next event memorable is a difficult task. You need it to be clean, fun, and interactive! Todd Lamanske understands your needs and personally guarantees that YOU will look good, your guests will laugh out loud, and everyone will be totally amazed! Todd’s unique style of mind-blowing magic and hilarious stand-up comedy will make your next event talked about for months or even years to come!


With so much riding on your event, why take a chance on entertainment? For over 30 years, Todd has mesmerized audiences around the world. His unique sense of humor and quick wit, combined with his amazing sleight-of-hand skills have established him as one of the nation’s favorite entertainers. All of his programs are filled with high energy, clean comedy, amazing magic and lots of audience participation.


From television commercials to performing for the President of the United States, Todd Lamanske has what it takes to make your next event a huge success – Guaranteed!


(816) 820-6190